Analysis Of The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

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I. Introduction
The autobiography book, “The Diary of a Young Girl”, is a collection of Dutch diary entries authored by Anne Frank, a 13-year-old Jewish girl who lived through the atrocities of the Anti-Semitist German Nazi Regime. Beginning on June 14, 1942, the diary, which Anne named “Kitty”, vividly depicts fear-filled stories of the Franks and other Jews in evading racial annihilation. Besides the stories of war, the world-renown personal account narrates a teenage girl’s blossoming and her search for identity, love, and acceptance. The entries end abruptly on August 1, 1944, signifying the Gestapo’s capture of the Frank family and all the other residents of the Secret Annexe, but despite the impermanence of Anne’s life, her legacy endures
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Anne believes that “Paper is more patient with people” and expresses her longing for a confidant to which she may share her deepest desires. Moreover, she also confides a typical girl’s affections for girl friends and boy crushes. Contrary to the light and amusing tone of the first few entries of Anne Frank, her revelation of her family background uncovers sneak-peeks to the Jewish life in the Second World War, including the restrictive laws implemented by Nazis against the particular group of people. Prior to Anne’s first diary entry, the Franks, namely Otto, Edith, and their children, Anne and Margot, had emigrated to Holland from Germany to escape Hitler’s propaganda of Anti-Semitism; however, soon, they realize that they had not been liberated yet from the claws of discrimination when Anne’s elder sister, Margot, was summoned by the S.S., the elite Nazi guards, for a call-up, implying that she would be sent to a concentration…show more content…
The book is indeed worth reading as one would be able to feel the intensity of overflowing emotions of war-torn human beings as seen on the sincere writings of a young girl. If one would want to engage in a time travel back to the climax of the Second World War in the 1940s in order to journey different phases of actuality, then one must grab a copy of Anne Frank’s autobiography. It is highly recommended for historical enthusiasts, who would like to gain first-hand historical realities as seen through the eyes of the youth. Truly, “The Diary of a Young Girl” is both a heart-breaking and an moving story of how discordance can strip the human race of its glory and can simultaneously build its thirst for common good and
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