Theme Of America In The Heart By Carlos Bulosan

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Why do you think people decided they wanted to come to America? Maybe your own family has traveled a far to come to America, but do you question how their journey was or their first impression of America when they first came? In the novel, “America in the Heart” by Carlos Bulosan, a native Filipino, describes his own journey of traveling from the Philippines to America and the mental and physical challenges he had faced. These physical and mental challenges also affected the well being and financial situation of his own family members in which tested their critical thinking and ability to adapt to certain situations. Throughout the novel, the idea of the American dream and the Filipino dream are also brought to light as to how living in the…show more content…
The moment he stepped off the boat that carried him along with thousands of other immigrants, he was completely alone and unprepared. Since his time being in America, he has traveled from state to state joining different groups of immigrants looking for work such as himself. During this time of nonstop travel, the author states, “We jumped off in Fresno where Filipinos told us that trouble was brewing… wanted to proceed to Alaska for the fishing season, but conditions there were intolerable. The east was still an unexplored world, so we agreed to take a freight train to Chicago.” (Bulosan, 148) The given quote describes Carlos’ endless journey for work has not settled as he continues to look for some kind of paying job that would provide him sufficient amount of money for himself to live off in America including money to send back to his family in the Philippines. While traveling with numerous times around America, he moves from one occupation to another with other Filipino workers who share the same goal as him. While finding work has become a constant obstacle for him, he soon realizes that he faces a more serious issue to…show more content…
During his time in America, Carlos along with other travelers have encountered many challenges along their way. There were times where he was successful at finding work but that opportunity quickly ended when their would be conflicts between workers and boss, experiencing and witnessing abuse, and peer pressured into uncomfortable situations. The result would always be the same, end up homeless and sharing shelter with companions and constant starving. To show a deep understanding of his struggles the author

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