The effect of Disney Princesses on young girls

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Like most young girls, I grew up watching Disney movies. I remember the desire to be and act like almost anything that I watched. I wanted expensive things and a prince that would sweep me off my feet. But I never thought about the negativity that came from watching these movies until I was old enough to realize how they affected my image, behavior, and expectation of love. Most parents are not getting this either!
I can understand how many parents are blinded to the negative effects of Disney movies, and their princesses. When they get a movie for their kid they probably say to themselves, “They’re made for children, so they must be okay, right?” Wrong. Just as Henry Giroux, the writer of the book, “The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence” believes that Disney movies have a negative impact on the children that watch them, I believe that as well. Disney movies can teach young girls stereotypes of the ideal body image, how they should act, and unrealistic expectations of love.
Giroux thinks that Disney movies have a negative impact on children for teaching them stereotypical ideas. One big problem seen in Disney Movies is false body image. Take “Sleeping Beauty” for example, with her stunning beauty, small waist and perfect hair, she is portraying that her look is the ideal and women should look like her. Young girls seeing these Disney Princesses might think that the only way they can look good is if they have a model’s physique, which is wrong because children shouldn’t be concerned about appearance and impressing others. But they are, and parents are seeing it.
A study was done on little girls determining whether or not Disney princess movies had any effect on what they thought about their body type. Like me, man...

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