The Wellness Program For Employees

A few companies today have a wellness program for employees. The wellness program is for employees to receive certain goods, such as discounted gym membership, massages or even receives discounts at health food stores, etc. Within this article, it states that a few companies are refusing to put a wellness program within the company budget. Companies in America find that it is a waste of money, time and unimportant for his or her staff. Amanda Richardson says it should be the foundation of the company (Richardson, Huffington Post). The reason for this is that there is a higher chance of productivity going up, profits increasing and employees becoming more engaged. Let’s bring it back on how organizational behavior originated. Organizational behaviors view the interaction of people within a setting. This can help organizations maximize the output of work from the employees. The organizational behavior focuses on several factors such as, performance, satisfaction and leadership. It also affects compensation, which can affect how much an employee receives as a whole, such as hourly pay,…show more content…
Managers would need to view the turnover rates, the morale within the company, and the productivity to understand if the employee perks with the company are decent for his or her staff. The manager would also need to view his or her goals, so that the company can detect what will create profit. In addition, companies need to survey the next generation (millennial) coming up within the workforce. Many of them are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and need certain perks within a company. A few behavioral changes with this generation are balancing work and life, creativity and leadership. If a millennial is looking for a job and feel that the job doesn’t carry the perks that he or she wishes for, they then tend to become self-employed. This can lead to a loss of assets in a

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