Healthy Workforce Case Study

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What characteristics of a work force might be useful in predicting likely clinical disorders in employees?
Healthy and thriving workforce is key asset to any organization and the workplace has significant impact on people’s health and well being. Most of the companies, especially in the current economic climate, are actively seeking ways to reduce operating costs. Yet most organizations are ill prepared to meet the challenges associated with the changing demographics of their workforce.
The healthy workforce is physically, psychologically and mentally fit and healthy to perform their duties without any assistance or help. Healthy workforce means low level of sickness absences hence it is very important to have fit and healthy workforce in
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There is a need to adjust to a workforce that is increasingly diverse. Diversity is not only determined by traditional categories such as age, race, and gender. Diversity also includes generational differences, lifestyle, work style values and differences, employment expectations and goals, learning styles and abilities, educational levels and technological sense. In order to build a successful workforce for the future, adaptations to the vast array of differences in applicants and employees is a challenge to be recognized and addressed in the workforce action plan. With efficient occupational health services and smart occupational health personnel this can be achieved. Competitive industries invest more on workforce as they are well aware of its implications. This proactive approach of organizations impact both direct and indirect cost to industry. This clearly indicates that healthy organizations are more likely to be successful as they are more skilled of retaining workforce who is healthy in all aspects including physical, mental and psychological capabilities. I will conclude this document with a statement by Employees Benefit Journal Ann 2004, offering your workforce a full behavioral health program is one of the wisest decisions you can make to increase workplace wellness and
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