The War on Drugs and Criminal Procedure

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The criminal procedure has many aspects that can protect people’s rights from illegal practices of the law. Just to name a few of the aspects of the criminal procedures; the fourth amendment states that a citizen is secure in their home and property from unreasonable search and seizure. Another aspect and the aspect that I will be talking about in this paper is the exclusionary rule.
The exclusionary rule bans introduction of “good” evidence obtained by “bad” law enforcement. This basically means that evidence that could be used that would otherwise determine that the defendant was/is guilty is inadmissible due to bad police conduct. Which means that the police illegally obtained the evidence.
The exclusionary rule is a constitutional rule of law based upon Court interpretation of the constitutional prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures, which provide that otherwise admissible evidence, may not be used in a criminal trial if it was the product of illegal police conduct.
Weeks v. United States, 1914, declared that evidence obtained by law enforcement agents in vio...

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