The War On Drugs By Stephen E. Lucas

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This speaker discusses the concept of the “War on Drugs” in an Informative Concept Speech, it is clear to the audience that she believes that there are many flaws in the system. She does a phenomenal job in performing her speech, she holds the audiences’ attention by using appropriate body language and eye contact. However, her speech is often times confusing, she would benefit from utilizing transitional statements through reiterating her main points to the audience throughout the speech. According to “The Art of Public Speaking: Twelfth Edition” (2015) by Stephen E. Lucas, informative speeches are “designed to convey knowledge and understanding” (p. 284). Furthermore, concept speeches share beliefs, theories, ideas, etc. (Lucas, 2015, p. 284). This speaker clearly carries knowledge of the injustices of the United States’ War on Drugs, and shares her knowledge with the audience in a clear manner. Appropriate body language is essential when performing a public speech, when delivered improperly, one’s body language can be distracting, when delivered well, body language engages the audience and holds their attention. This speaker consistently uses appropriate body language throughout her entire speech. She uses hand gestures (air quotations) to make a statement on The War on Drugs, paces evenly without distractions, and engages her audience by maintaining steady eye contact. “The Art of Public Speaking: Twelfth Edition” defines nonverbal communication as: “Communication based on a person’s use of voice and body, rather than on the use of words” (Lucas, 2015, p. 240). By using “air quotations” as a hand gesture, she displays passion in her topic, and her point of view; that the War on Drugs is not really a war on drugs. The speaker h... ... middle of paper ... ...’t fidget). Moreover, I have learned the importance of re-stating my main points. As mentioned above, listeners do not have the advantage of readers, a point of view is stated, it is heard once, as a posed to reading, whereas a person can re-read a statement over and over again until the point is understood fully (Lucas, 2015, p. 293). In summary, this speaker demonstrates engaging and purposeful non-verbal communication, however, loses parts of her message because she does not recall her main points to the audience. Through this review process, I have learned the importance of having clear main points and not over estimating my audience’s knowledge. With that being said, with my own future speeches, I will be sure to mirror the speaker’s appropriate body language. All things considered, this speaker shows excellent knowledge of appropriate ways to speak publically.

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