Cultural Differences In The Film 'One Night The Moon'

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Distinctive voices of individuals is far much greater than just one’s spoken words; Isn’t it? Voices hold so much more meaning! It can be said to be one’s expression of their attitudes or perspective through body language or a series of actions. We can see that one’s unique opinion towards a subject is inevitably articulated through their unique expression which draws others into viewing the expressed perspective. My film, ‘One Night The Moon’ recounts the classic tale of the wild Australian bush and the fear that it holds by utilising different distinctive voices of characters, specifically Albert Yang, played by Kelton Pell, and Jim Ryan, played by Paul Kelly, to express their thoughts. It mainly focuses on the treatment of Aboriginal people by the…show more content…
This is because Jim views it as physical, something that is earned through work, whereas Albert views it on a much deeper level, a spiritual level, thus, depicting the differences between one’s connection to the land through one’s cultural values. To add on, Albert metaphorically conveys his dynamic ability to track as he sings the line “I can track the shadow of the moon …”, emphasising his deep relationship with the land spiritually and emotionally. Furthermore, when the film draws to its conclusion, Jim is seen walking into the distance of the Australian outback, through a time lapse with an interval fade. I decided to incorporate a time lapse to stress the vastness of the land which is a symbolic representation of Jim’s weak understanding of the land that pales in comparison to Albert’s understanding of the land. Onto another concept, I decided to make aware of cultural differences between Jim and Albert as they come from two different cultures which played a immense role in Australian history. However, I kept in mind that the two men of different cultures also must hold similarities as they are both
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