The Vision And Mission Statement Of Coca Cola

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Coco-Cola was created by John S. Pemberton on May 8, 1886. Only nine drinks were sold in that year. Coca-Cola was named by Frank Robinson. Frank thought that two Cs would look great in the advertisement of the product, to his discovery his vision was on the money. In 1887 Pemberton copyrighted his cola' class='brand-secondary'>Coca-Cola Syrup and Extract with this United States Patent Office, and the rest in history.

Today, the Coca-Cola brand is among the most renowned and reputable beverage companies in the world, and is still gaining momentum in the fast expanding industry. Coca-Cola is rank as one of the largest beverage company in the world. Operating in over 200 countries across 5 operating regions: Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East & Africa, Europe; Latin America; North America, with
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Coke’s mission statement shows that the company cares about improving the welfare of the world and not just for increase profits. Coke’s customer-friendly vision is respected by its consumers and continues to ensure the success of the company.

The vision framework of Coca-Cola core is the six “P’s people, portfolio, partners, planet, profit, and productivity (Coca-Cola, 2012). This vision statement includes these six factors that Coke believes are perilous to its success. Coke appreciates it employees, and offers a variety of products. Coke strives on providing a diverse network of customers and suppliers, and together they are the foundation that makes them a successful business. Coke understands their part as being a responsible citizen will make difference by helping build and supporting their communities, and profits will ensure its productivity continues to be highly effective in the

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