The Use Of Health Information By Professionals

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The use of Health Information by Professionals The professionals are the highly trained people that possess excellent skills in some particular economic fields. The professionals could be in the engineering, architecture, literature, education, accounting or in the medical sector. In our discussion, we will limit the use of the health information to the health professionals. The health sector is a broad profession that entails specialization and continued research and development of the health products. The professionals are in continued research into finding solutions for incurable diseases, finding better treatment methods from the existing ones and inventing better medical solutions in the society. Some drugs require more than twenty years of research, clinical trials to the time they enter into the market. Despite all the many years in the research, some treatment procedures are discovered to have adverse negative effects on the human body, sometimes after even one hundred years of their use. Some other treatment methods are allowed to be practiced owing to the fact that there is no other better method and the failure to undergo the treatment is far worse than the treatment. The health professionals share the recent study findings between themselves in the attempt to keep at toe with the changing nature of ailments. Some incidences are rare and may require working together of the team of the professional to understand the conditions. In addition, the medical sector has to advance with the changing technology. The advancement could be in terms of the medical equipment used in the health facilities, the manner of the drug introduction in the body, or the ordering and access to the medical facilities. `The information about th... ... middle of paper ... ...e sharing and replication of the information ensures that it reaches so many people within a short time. Some advanced features have been incorporated in the platform that allows the user to decide the language that is suitable for him. In enabling one message to be read in more than twenty-six national languages, the number of the people that are targeted by this method is highly increased as compared to the printed media. Owing to the limitations of the printed media for passing information and the ultimate solutions offered by the internet, the future of the information technology lies in the internet. The use of the printed media will continue to decline and will die off eventually. The recent technology development that has introduced many affordable portable devices that can access internet will serve to make the digital platform more favorable (Gentzkow, 2014)
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