The Ultimate Costco Survival Guide

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Lately, American families have been stressing to save money by printing out coupons, buying items when they are only on sale, and shopping in bulk. One of the most popular wholesale stores in the area are Costco. Every few weeks, my family, like many others, take a trip there to grab a “few” necessities. Since these stores are so large, it usually takes a few hours to gather everything and have long conversations with multiple friends or family members we just happen to encounter. So, if your family is like mine, sit back and enjoy this ultimate guide on how to survive a day at Costco. The number one way to cure boredom is with some thrill and entertainment. These large wholesale stores have extremely long aisles and extremely large carts perfect for a little race. So, grab a few new buddies and several carts and have your very own kart racing tournament! With one friend inside the cart and the other pushing off the ground to high speeds, this could be the most exhilarating way to pass some time. Just keep an eye out for the employees and parents while whizzing through the aisles! ...

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