Marketing Case Study: Costco

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A. International Development: Costco company previously named Price Club has seen the first opening in 1976 in California with very challenging prices and bulks packaging. During the first 10 years they expend all around the country with huge warehouses in most of the principal destinations, located in premium location and a large economy of scale, and as well an expension in Canada with the first warehouse in British Colombia. 1992 will represent a big turn for the company with the first international opening to the first Price Club in Mexico, one year later they open the first warehouse in Europe precisely in Essex, England. The technique that Costco for the international management can be described as agressive, with a large general growth…show more content…
For exemple they had issue to open in Mexico creating multiple problems for the agrofood sector but as well by reducing the foreign investment in the country. This has created a huge scandal all over the news, encountering the human rights of the population living in the area but as well the environmental problems linked to this partnerships with notorious mexicans real estate agent making this opening not really…show more content…
However, it does not operate any stores outside of the United States, so it does not present a international threat to Costco. Sam's Club, another membership only warehouse club, owned and manage by Wal-Mart. It works mainly in the United States, but has fews in only 3 foreign countries. Anyhow, we can say that Costco dominates the global market for American membership only warehouse clubs. Compared to his competitors , Costco has been a sucess on the international market with a strong value proposition and mission, but mainly a strong strategy in theirs decisions to enter or not in a specific market. For exemple Costco has an inventory turnover ratio of 11.3, which is better than its main competitors,, Inc. (Amazon). Amazon inventory turnover was 7.6 in 2015. With the given turnover ratio, the company take way more days to sell its stock. By having a better inventory turnover ratio and the lowest inventory turnover days possible mean that the company enhance low stocking costs, which increase the overall operating performance. As well we notice that they increase theyre gross operating profit almost every year. However the main profit come from the US territory while the company is struggling in international locations, where comparable-store sales dropped by 8% in Canada during the month and 6% for all of its other international locations combined. This issue is mainly the result
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