The Ugly Tourist By Jamaica Kincaid

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In the essays “The Ugly Tourist” written by Jamaica Kincaid, she postulates that when people are surrounded by others who are similar they are comfortable and normal. She further illustrates and emphasis that once you leave your ordinary life to visit others as a tourist you become an “ugly” person. Shooting an Elephant” written by George by Orwell, is about a man who works for the British empire and is against the oppression of Indians and he witness imperialism first hand that ultimately comprises he morals to protect the interest the British empire. Two ways to belong to America is about two immigrant sisters’ perspectives on adapting to America. White supremacy is when white people think it is there constitutionally elaborated right to treat people who are different in culture and class unfairly. White privilege create barriers between culture, class, and races that sometimes they are unaware of. American is known as the land of opportunity and freedom. The land that welcomes people from all over the world. America is home to the best schools and offers economic stability. For this reason many immigrants migrate, abandoned or escape their poverty stricken countries for a better life. They think that being here will give them a new life where there is no limitations on what they can do or say. To immigrants, being in American makes them an equal member of society. American presidential candidate Donald Trump plan to build a wall to prevent Mexicans from crossing the border if he wins the election. In addition, he want to suspend issuance of visas for incoming immigrants until an obtrusive process subjecting immigrants to strict scrutiny is established. Once, this new process is in place and potential immigrants are able to pr... ... middle of paper ... is what make you ugly and the fact that they are able to leave their state of being bored and the natives cant shows the privilege the tourist have although they have the same desire only want is able to make it happen escape. White people made themselves inferior by enslaving you to their way of things even when they knew it was they couldn’t turn back .It isn’t fair minorities are designed to fail while White people succeed. America should be known has the land of opportunities for privilege and limited opportune for others just to that you won’t complain as much. Walking in the shoes of others of others may allow an individual white person to see the effect of racism to form empathy. Perhaps the solution should be to resist their way and culture to get a reaction. Without people to make them feel superior they will be able to reason and rationalize a better.

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