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Girl by Jamaica Kincaid demonstrate how a mother cautions her daughter, in becoming a responsible woman in her society. Although the daughter hasn’t gotten into adolescence yet, the mother fears that her daughter’s current behavior, if continued, will tip to a life of promiscuity. The mother believes that a woman’s status or propriety determines the quality of her life in the community. Hence, gender roles, must be carefully guarded to maintain a respectable front. Her advice centers on how to uphold responsibility. The mother cautions her daughter endlessly; emphasising on how much she wants her to realize her role in the society by acting like woman in order to be respected by the community and the world at large. Thus, Jamaica Kincaid’s According to Carol Baileys article on Performance and the Gendered Body in Jamaica Kincaid 's ‘Girl’ “The poem is fictional representation of the double-edged tendencies which involves child-rearing practices in many Caribbean societies: as the mother provides guidelines for living, the moments of care are constantly weaken by the severity evident in what the mother actually saying and the fact that her daughter is lectured with little room for discussion” (Carol Bailey 106). The instructions in the poem “Girl” reveal an effective performance of gender roles assigned to women in the Caribbean societies which shows significant acts in domestic, social, and other spheres. Carol Bailey argues that the poem’s primary refrain, "this is how," demonstrate a clear emphasis on particular ways one believed or taught to act, and it calls attention to a type of performance that allows the young female to reinforce where she belongs in the community of respectable women (Carol Bailey 106). The social norms and gender conducts in the Caribbean is a setting where females are constantly aware of how their body is shaped She is responsible for training her daughter to gain abilities to discover her roles herself through knowledge, and also responsible to provide her daughter with inner and social safety. In addition, in the society, it is necessary for a mother to be fully aware of the significance of her daughter’s adolescent stage; she has to direct her daughter’s potentials by useful activities while she maintains a healthy, relationship with her daughter. Social norms and traditional conduct if care isn’t taken might affect a child. One should be able to express one’s self, by not been judge by the society. Whether a one acts a certain way the society doesn’t except one to act, one should have a freedom to express his or her gender roles in the way one wants it to

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  • Analyzes how jamaica kincaid's girl demonstrates how a mother cautions her daughter to become responsible in her society.
  • Analyzes how the mother sets up grand rules for her daughter that portrays womanhood, which she must obey in order to be accepted in the society.
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