The Transformation of theIndustrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the transformation from agricultural to an industrial nation. During the 1780's, the Industrial Revolution first began in England. The Industrial Revolution took place when people migrated from rural areas to urban areas to work in factories. As a result of increased population and trade, Great Britain rose to be the Mother country of the Industrial Revolution. Many natural resources like coal and oil were developed in The United Kingdom. The mother country also had a very large amount of food supply, and numerous countries to trade with. Due to these advantages, many farmers upgraded their ways of farming with added machinery. In doing so less farmers were needed to work on farms. In order for some farmers to find jobs, they deserted their agricultural homes and went to work in factories.There were poor working conditions and not enough money for the workers (Downey 266). The power of the industry that propelled British goods and guns around the globe also brought its views to other countries. Interpretations of Britain's Industrial Revolution helped shape the values and the public policies in Britain, and also fostered attitudes toward capitalism and modern industry in other countries "Industrial Revolution in Britain". The Industrial Revolution was a time of new inventions, but was very harsh. The Industrial Revolution had poor working conditions. It was a very cruel time for children. Many children as young as six years old worked hard and long hours for a little amount of money. Sometimes children worked nineteen hours a day for only one hour of pay to help support their family. These children sometimes lost limbs due to careless actions working with the dangerous machiner... ... middle of paper ... ... The Industrial Revloution had both positive and negative effects during this period of time. Some of the positive effects included: new invention , migrations , increased trade and transportation of goods , and greater productivity. A few of the negative effects were harsh labor conditions , high death rates, and poverty. The Industrial Revolution transformed England from an ordinary country to being the Mother of the Industrial Revolution during the 1780's. Works Cited Downey, Mathew T.Contemoprary's World History. Chicago, IL: Wright Group/McGraw Hill, 2006.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the industrial revolution was the transformation from agricultural to an industrial nation during the 1780's.
  • Describes the industrial revolution as a cruel time for children, as they worked long hours, lost limbs due to careless actions, and were physically abused. factory owners profited by using children and women to run machines.
  • Explains the importance of the steam engine in the industrial revolution. it was used in water pumping, mining, and farming.
  • Explains that the industrial revolution had both positive and negative effects during this period, including new invention, migrations, increased trade and transportation of goods, and greater productivity.
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