How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect The World

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469 words

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The industrial revolution affected the world in significant ways. If it had never happened, we would not be that successful in technology, economy and the way we live our lives right now. Industrial revolution has a major impact on our world right now. The Industrial revolution took place in Britain in late 1700s. Before the industrial revolution people lived in rural and small areas. Their lives depend on the farms. Manufacturing was done by people themselves in homes by hand tools and small machinery. People made their own farms, clothes and furniture. British had a good amount of coal and Iron ore which played an important role for British becoming the birthplace of the industrial revolution. In England people who owned land bought more land and came up with reliable farming techniques, this resulted in growth of more food which led to more population. One of the biggest impacts of the industrial revolution on the world is textiles and industries which is used in almost every country right now. Textiles were first produced in people's homes helping the cottage industry to rise. People started moving into cities for …show more content…

With the same idea of steam engine Robert Fulton made a steam boat in early 1800s which was more powerful and required very less work. In 1850 Richard Trevithick created the first railway steam engine built over 6000 miles of railroad track. These transportation inventions made the trade really easy for British to trade a good amount of goods from one place to other. Today trade is happening all over the world through sea using boats and countries including USA are trading cars, clothing and all kinds of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the industrial revolution affected the world in significant ways. the industrial revolution took place in britain in late 1700s.
  • Explains that textiles were first produced in people's homes helping the cottage industry to rise. thomas savery built a machine to pump out water from coal mines which resulted in an increase in coal in british.
  • Explains that before the steam engine for transportation was invented people used to load things on the back of horses in wagons and in boats for rivers and oceans.
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