The Theory of Cosmological Natural Selection

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For thousands of years, philosophers and astronomers have been trying to determine the origin of our universe. The twentieth century proved to be a time of intense research in the fields of astronomy and physics. While science still searches for the solution uniting general relativity and quantum mechanics, some astrophysicists have conjectured about the implications of quantum gravity for the universe’s existence. The most exotic objects in our universe, black holes, may hold the key to the creation of our universe. Physicist Lee Smolin has been one of the most prominent theorists in this area of astrophysics. Smolin’s theory of cosmological natural selection attempts to explain the origin of our universe and its fundamental characteristics by using black hole singularities. While the theory has not been proven, its assumptions are based on the theory of evolution and provide a fascinating perspective into the nature of our universe.

Lee Smolin’s theory of cosmological natural selection is based off of two different theories; a) there is a formation of a “baby universe”, which is the final singularity of a black hole tunneling through the original big bang singularity of a new universe due to quantum effects, and b) that certain parameters of the baby universe are close but different to the effects of the “parent universe”. Although these facts seem impossible, hopefully in the near future Smolin will be able to test these theories and come up with something a little more accurate so that people can believe this theory ( He says that fundamental constants evolve according to different things that occur during re-collapse or at the actual black hole singularity. Furthermore, he propo...

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...t there are still incredible mysteries with many open pages. Hopefully one day we shall close the book and solve these mysteries.


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