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Emily Kloth Block 6 Tuesday January 14, 2014 Winter Packet `Act 1- The three weird witches meet and they are planning on when they are going to meet again to talk to Macbeth. In the next scene King Duncan talks to the injured captain about the battle against the invaders, who are under the command of Macdonwald. The captain tell King Duncan how he saved Malcolm and Macbeth was very violent and fought with great force. Then the Captain is taken away by the servants then Ross enters and he tells Duncan that Cawdor has been beaten and the Norway army retreated. Then King Duncan comes to the decision to kill Cawdor and then Macbeth will "become Cawdor". Then Duncan sends out Ross to go tell Macbeth about what had happened at this time. In scene three the witches approach Banquo and Macbeth when they were on their way to Forres. The witches inform Macbeth and Banquo about what had happened in the kings court and they tell him he is the Thane of Cawdor and Glamis and that Macbeth will eventually become king. Then Banquo is told riddles that his children will be royal and he will not. After the witches disappear then Ross and Angus come up to them and Ross informs Macbeth the news which he just heard. Then Macbeth contemplates whether he will have to spill blood to become king, then when he is done they all continue to Forres. Then Duncan finds out that Cawdor dies because his son killed him. Then Ross, Angus, Banquo and Macbeth arrive. Then Malcolm becomes the heir to Duncans throne and Macbeth has Duncan dine at his castle that night so he rides to tell his wife. When Macbeth gets home he tells his wife the news and she starts to plot the murder of Duncan and Macbeth fallows. Then Duncan and the Scottish lords arrive and they are tak... ... middle of paper ... ...ows about the witches visions and is willing to go down with a fight. Then the war starts. He goes into the war thinking he's invincible and Macduff looks for him trying to avenge his families death. Then Siward and Malcolm take over Macbeth's castle and Siward's son is dead. Then Macduff comes into the room with only the head of the dead Macbeth. Then he says that Duncan's son Malcolm is now the king of Scotland. Then he is then crowned in Scone as the new reigning King of Scotland. Lady Macbeth is a very 'crazy' character. She is blood thirsty and she will do anything she possibly can to gain power even if it means forever being cursed. Lady Macbeth is the farmer who planted the seed in Macbeth's head to become murderous and after that you couldn't stop him. She enters around the fifth scene of act 1 and her first impression is to kill her husband's best friend.

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  • Narrates how the three weird witches meet to talk to macbeth about the battle against the invaders.
  • Narrates how macbeth's visions of the knife he was to kill with led him to believe that it wasn't successful. later, lennox and macduff were knocking and wanted to see the king dead.
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