The Origins of Super-massive Black Holes

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Super massive black holes are enormous black holes which have a mass equivalent to large numbers of solar masses. A black hole is called a super massive black hole when a normal "galactic nuclei black hole" has a mass range between 0.1 million to 10 million solar masses. (Cardiff University 2014). It is believed that one solar mass is equal the mass of the sun, so that would make a super-massive black hole very large compared to the sun. Super-massive black holes having a large mass would make its gravity incredibly limitless, this would mean that even a star which is many light years away would be impelled by the super-massive black hole. (Millis 2014)

The responsibility of super massive black holes is to hold the galaxies together. (Millis 2014) Super massive black holes are very dense and its believed that their density can reach infinity in a way that even light can't pass through their gravitational force. (NRAO 2014)

The origins of the super-massive black holes which concludes how they were formed and what caused them to form is an unsolved problem which is yet a mystery of astrophysics. ( Millis 2014)

It is believed that super massive black holes exist in the cores of many large galaxies, including the Milky Way galaxy, which is our galaxy. (Swinburne University 2014). It is believed that a normal black holes were formed because of a supernova explosion of a gigantic star, meaning when huge stars collapse, so the larger the star, the larger the black hole. ( Millis 2014) . So therefore a simple idea of how a super massive black hole might have been formed would be because of a collision of super enormous star or a collision of star clusters (star clouds). (Super massive black holes 2014)

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