The Theme of Power in the Book of Job

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The Theme of Power in the Book of Job Introduction The book of Job is part of a collection of wisdom literature which was created form the 5th to the 3rd centuries BCE. Job is described as “a greater man than any other” and was from the land of Uz. Greater than any other man, yet not as great as God as he would soon find out. He had 3 friends who he had discussions with concerning faith, understanding, and the power of God and his relationship with the people. The main idea that I will present to you is the power struggle between God and Job throughout the text. 1. What is Wisdom? Before we can introduce this theme, we must first discuss, what is wisdom literature? We must also discuss, what is wisdom? Wisdom can be defined as “the ability to cope”, “the art of steering”, “one who achieves expertise”, or “the quest for self understanding and for mastery of the world”. These definitions, among many others, describe the word “wisdom”, yet it cannot be placed into one single defining category. Rather, wisdom has no single definition, but can be considered a search that will never end. Wisdom is a lifelong search, one that can be constantly improved, augmented, and changed. In a theological sense, wisdom can be considered to be the fear of the lord, receiving instruction from him, human experience, and mysteries of creation. One who pursues wisdom in this sense must hear wisdom obediently and pray to receive wisdom. 2. What is Wisdom Literature? How can we define wisdom literature? Thematically, wisdom consists of mastering life for human betterment, and searching for life’s secrets involving the idea of innocent suffering. Basically, wisdom literature provides groundwork for readers seeking wisdom, through a combination o... ... middle of paper ... ...ive participant in society which can ultimately benefit all of humankind. The quest to understand these concepts was the original cause of the power struggle in the book of Job. 5. Conclusion In conclusion, the theme of power is an important and telling one throughout the bible. The struggle for understanding between God and man creates a dialogue which can explain some of the questions presented in theological thought. In the book, Job began as one who lacked righteousness, questioning God’s decisions and authority. By talking with God and hearing God’s responses, Job began to respect him, was filled with knowledge, and led toward a path of understanding, a path of righteousness. He was enlightened through the idea of divine justice, and was filled with the capacity to help others, and realized that all humans have had this ability since the time of creation.
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