Cosmetology Career Research Paper

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“Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty” (the daily quotes) If you have ever been unhappy about your appearances remember, it is a very familiar problem every human faces. Cosmetology was created to help those that are in need of their desired look. To express every moment was second of who they are or will become to be. Even though, we have abundant stylist today throughout the country. This career may not be the most satisfying, fun, or even a high-ranking in income, but the satisfaction of each smile is more than enough. However, challenging cosmetology is one of the most creative of all art. The educational requirements need to be a cosmetologist includes successful completion of a licensed from an accredited university or college by achieving a satisfactory score on PSI written and practical exam test. But along with that if you are in a public high school and you want to take the opportunity of the dual credit high school cosmetology course is more recommended. Beyond that, the educational requirement for the Odessa…show more content…
This job is said to be “a job that provides a helpful service which that means that it cannot be accomplished by automated machines” ( We all need haircut, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, perms, relaxers…etc. We simply care about our physical, about our looks and about what people say. We all want to be up to date with all the new trends, some people it is a demand. It helps them feel better about themselves. But the good thing is that not everyone is capable of doing this, because a licensed is required to do those services listed above by law. Where ever you go, there will always be a spot for a cosmetologist. The job security of a cosmetologist can be described now days as “The harder you work, the more you make” ( Everything depends on the person, and how much ambition you have to

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