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There are many different types of careers in the cosmetology field. The different types are; hairstylist, perm or hair color specialist, manicurist, pedicurist, barber, or esthetician. Anyone can major in one of these careers, multiple ones, or all of them. It doesn't matter how many they major in, they will still be considered a cosmetologist. To get a major in cosmetology, it is required to take a class in the career you are interested in. A typical cosmetology training program typically lasts nine months to about a year. Students are instructed on hair styling and cutting, scalp treatments, hair color, manicures and pedicures, chemical texture services, acrylic nail application, massages, facials, and eyebrow shaping. A student then takes advanced courses to expand their knowledge in this career. These courses may include studies on scalp disorders and diseases, scalp analysis, color application techniques, hair cutting tools, main principles of hair design, hair removal, massage techniques and benefits, cosmetology law and safe work practice. Once the course is finished, including service hours, the person then has to take and pass a state exam on the course. Once the exam is passed, the person then receives their certificate. A Cosmetologist has many tasks to tend to about his/her day. They do anything from shampooing, coloring, cutting, or styling hair. They may also wax, apply makeup, tend to wigs, and also nail and skin care. Styling hair include straightening, curling, perming, waving, braiding, up-dos, and hair for special events, such as proms or weddings. They use many different tools and for a variety of things. They have to learn how to use all of these tools during their training time. These tools include scisso... ... middle of paper ... ...ressers! Many cosmetologists have the opportunity to attend trade shows and seminars to stay up to date with new developments in the beauty industry. The job market for cosmetologists is one of the best job markets in the work industry. In 2008 the average hourly wage was close to $13. In the same year the average annual wage was about $26,600.Wages vary depending on location and type of employment in this field. Top earners in this field were paid more than $20 an hour. On the other hand, the workers on the low end of the field made less than $7.50 an hour. Cosmetologists in the motion picture and video industry earned the most out of both groups. These workers made, on average, $29.50 an hour. The highest wages were in the states of Washington State, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The average earnings in these states combined equaled more than $15 an hour.

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