The Slaughter of Lambs during World War II and Moishe the Beadle's Sayings

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“Oh Jews of Sighet hear my cry”, said a wise mystic called Moishe the Beadle. Moishe was a foreigner, and was recently deported by the Hungarian government. According to Moishe that was all a cover up, the government was part of an elaborate plot for the murder of all the Jews around the globe. The times were already hard, because at the time the Allies and the Axis Powers were fighting World War II. This was the beginning of the slaughtering of lambs for Jews, because Hitler considered Jews a form of pollution on this planet, and began his massacre of millions. Hitler wanted to purify the world of anyone who was even part Jew, and dehumanize them at the same time. The German army made their way to Sighet and began to imply their form of justice, and purification.

Time had passed since Moishe started warning Jews about the Germans. He would state his truth aloud, and that gave the elders of Sighet a cold shiver down their spins, they did not want to admit their being wrong, so they merely said that Moishe the Beadle had finally lost it. Moishe had been taunted by the town, and considered a shame towards Jews for he was telling such tall tales about Germans without any proof. Moishe never would have stopped trying to convince even one person, but the parents had told the children to stay away from him.

One day Moishe spoke again, but his tone was not about the past, because the Germans had truly shown their fake smiling faces in Sighet. At first glimpse, the Germans had everyone fooled with their smiles and kind gestures, but it did not take long for their true colors to shiny threw the fake disguises. In the book Night by Ellie Wiesel, he states, “the Germans began to take roles in the government, and created rules...

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...pot. The Germans pushed the captives who have had nothing but pain and suffering, to the point where now they had to choose if they would live or die. Hitler’s final test to dehumanize the Jews was to see if the captives would leave their family members to die, and try to save themselves.

A wise mystic called Moishe the Beadle once said, “Jews I am here to warn you of an evil that plans to erase us from the world”. He spoke of a plot made by Adolf Hitler to murder millions of Jews around the world, and too dehumanize them. Hitler, in his own views wished to purify the world by erasing Jews, because he thought of Jews as a form of pollution on this planet. For Jews during WW2 life had a certain routine to it, first came joy of life itself, then pain and suffering in concentration camps, and then it all ended for millions, or the past tortured the rest forever.
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