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Share a Life with Him The Shack, a New York Times number one bestseller, written by WM. Paul Young published in 2007 is the redemptive story of a man named Mack who was driven away from his relationship with God and pushed into a “Great Sadness through an unexpected loss in his family. When invited to reopen a deep wound and revisit the fateful events that severed his ties with God, Mack rediscovers who God is and his place in his life. He lets go of grief and restores his broken heart. Through this story of Mack’s devastating loss and his restitution, Young illustrates that times of pain, suffering, and confusion result in hope, forgiveness, and self renewal through a relationship with God. The loss of Missy was what caused Mack to be…show more content…
In the least expected way, God called upon Mack to open his heart to his love and his words. God reached out to Mack while he was suffering by inviting him to the shack. Mack began to believe that there was something more behind the letter because there were hardly any other explanations. When we are lost we want to believe in something and find solace in someone. Mack had given up, but in the events that God had reached out to him the spark of rediscovery renewed a bit of hope. There was so much grief and sorrow that had taken over the thoughts and actions of Mack. When Mack had hardly any encouragement from God, or at least he felt like he had none, God called his name in hopes to bring his son home. Mack slowly came to the decision that he would travel to the shack because he felt drawn to find out whether or not it was truly a calling from God. When someone is lost it is common to lean on the shoulder of another. For many Christians that shoulder to lean on is God. From the words of Isaiah, “God is with you, he will strengthen you, help you, and hold up up with his righteous right hand.” Mack was blind to the spirit of God within him that it took a stronger sign to pull him closer to God. This is a sign that even when we are on the border of being lost with no return, God will find a way to reach us and pull us back into the light. He puts precedence…show more content…
During his time at the shack, Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu helped him in numerous ways. Papa began by reasurring Mack that he has never left Mack and he never left Missy. To Mack, Jesus was more relatable. Jesus was sent to save all of humanity by giving up his life for our sins. He had expirienced what it was like to live a life with some type of normalcy. Jesus told Mack that the love Mack senses from him is no different from the love God gives (Young 110). When Mack was confused Jesus told him that it was simple and that Mack was meant to be in the center of Gods love and his purpose (Young 11). The way that Young presented Jesus in the book made him more relatable to every other human being. He wasn’t stinkingly good looking or athletic. Jesus was a regular man with good intentions. Mack was confused when it came to the presence of God in his life and the confusing fact that God was all three persons in one. Jesus helpes Mack understand that it was part of Gods wonderful Miracle. Jesus is fully God, but is human at the same time. The way that Young depicts these inspirational characters is very different from the usual world view. He makes them seem more approachable and understanding. God seems nicer and calmer than he is depicted in the bible. Albert Mohler says that “Papa is absolutely non-judgemental, and seems most determind to affirm that all humanity is already redeemed.”

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