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The Gospel of John The movie The Gospel of John (Seville, 2005) is a visual representation of the accounts of Jesus Christ life on earth. The big picture is that of God’s plan for a personal relationship with us. When God created humans, he put them into relationships, first with him and then with each other. The strength of the movie is how Jesus core values of truth, love and compassion are portrayed through his relationship with his disciples. Jesus fostered the relationships with his disciples, showing love through his teachings and interactions with societal outcast. He displayed his value system through the use of parables and commandments, and performing miracles.
God reveals himself to the tribe of Judah through Jesus, although they reject him. The movie ultimately shows God’s plan for restoring his relationship with mankind, through the sacrifice of his son Jesus. The greatest personal insight gained from the movie was the political and spiritual battle with the religious establishment and the blindness of the Jewish culture that lead to the rejection of their symbolic spiritual Passover.
As a Christian every part of my life is to be guided by my relationship with Christ. The core values portrayed throughout the movie by …show more content…

Judah, with the help of their religious leaders, rejected the words of Jesus Christ. They would not believe the truth about who God is. They believed they already knew God through their own interpretations of the Old Testament scriptures. Year after year, the Jewish people used animal sacrifice during Passover in order to thank God for how Moses led them out of Egypt. They did not understand that the Passover was something far greater than a deliverance out of a slavery in Egypt. The paradox is that the Jewish people rejected the Lamb whom God had sent to deliver man from sin, their Passover

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