Argumentative Essay: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Imagine, someone losing a close love one; they are already grieving but also their love one had a large amount of debt and lived an unhappy life with no exposure to new experiences. Happiness is the state of being joyful; it’s the feeling that comes when one knows life is good. However, the question is can money really buy happiness? According to Gretchen Rubin, “No money cannot buy happiness, but money can buy a lot of things that will contribute mightily to happiness.” Money can buy happiness when one wisely uses it for experience’s, helping others, and investing in life. To begin, buying experiences can bring happiness, than buying materialistic things. Some people say, they find happiness in buying expensive clothes, and other material…show more content…
Some people find happiness in buying electronics, clothes, and toys. It’s true, materialistic things can bring an abundance of happiness to an individual. However, investing in life makes people happier, and makes their life more significant. According to Robin F. Brancato, in the book Money, “The real happiness comes from social relationships, enjoyable work, fulfillment, a sense of meaning in life.” For example, Nora is a woman who has money, and she’s always trying to buy dresses and shoes to make herself happy. However, she just needs to do something significant with her life ( Wiseman). In fact, according Williams, “It’s not a name brand that will lead to happiness. It’s a person ability to make their lifestyle what they always fantasized and imagined it to be.” In other words, happiness does not come from being able to buy expensive things; it comes from being able to use money to make one’s life better. In fact, according to Rachel Berl, “a certain amount of wealth relieves financial stress and its associated hardship. But the absence of such worries brings about happiness.” For instance, using money and investing in real estate and life insurance. Doing this, one can live happily knowing their kids can live comfortable when they are grown. The point is, investing life makes people happy and brings happiness to the
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