According To Gregory Karp's Money Can Buy Happiness?

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Title TBA What is happiness? For hundreds of years people have tried to define and achieve happiness. Can happiness be attributed to money, power, fame, or Pherell Williams song ‘Happy?’ The word happy is defined by Merrium-Webster as, “showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment.” While ‘happy’ can be defined by the dictionary, many people can’t define it, they just know how it feels. If you asked "how do you feel when you are happy?" The general overall response would be something like "I feel good when I 'm happy" I couldn 't agree more. I feel good, actually I feel great and extremly happy after going shopping for a new out fit. I felt amazing when I got a new car! In each incident I was extremely happy, so does money buy happiness? …show more content…

Well that answer could not be so far from the truth, money can 't buy happiness. Sound like a contradiction? Did I get your attention?... According to Gregory Karp, money can make a person happy. In his article “Money CAN buy happiness,” Karp believes that money can bring happiness to acquire basic life needs but once those basic needs are met discretionary use of money will also bring happiness. He continues later on in the article to explain some suggestions on how to spend for happinessKarp’s first point in his article is that happiness needs to be bought to some degree. In order to have the ability to be happy you need to have the ability to pay for basic necessities such as food and shelter. In studies it can be seen that, “…once people had enough to meet their basic needs, somewhere between $8,000 and $25,000 or the equivalent of that in various spots around the world, happiness leveled out.” (). I agree with this statement because any person that is homeless, does not have adequate shelter, or the money for food and water has survival in mind. The mind is consumed with the need to live another day it does not have time to waste energy on obtaing happiness. Happiness is a balance between being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (Life of …show more content…

Karp recommended his reader’s to, “Throw money at a problem.” Money should never just be thrown at problem in hopes to resolve it for many reasons. First, it is just an attempt to cover the problem instead of confronting it and dealing with any bottled up thoughts or emotions which creates anxiety, depression and lack of motivation due to surpressed emotions.Psychology of America says that almost all cases of depression and/or anxiety are due to suppress emotions. Dealing with problems immediately is extremely important for expanding and maintaining happiness. If problems get bottled up the pressure builds inside until the bottle finally bursts open. You can only blow so much air into a balloon before it pops. not releasing some of the pressure or recycling the air blown into the balloon of self , turning the bad into good, looking for the solution not holding on to the problem your happiness is slowly becoming less of a

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  • Explains that happiness can be attributed to money, power, fame, or pherell williams song 'happy', but many people can't define it, they just know how it feels.
  • Concludes that happiness is a balance between being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sound.
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