The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, and The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D Salinger

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Experiencing a tragedy at a young age causes many problems as that individual grows up. The most common effects are changes in usual behavior, episodes of crying or sadness, and suicidal thoughts. In The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, and The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D Salinger, the death of a close sibling causes two characters to act out and experience these effects. Enduring a tragedy often leaves one with feelings of depression. These effects could include loss in interest, hopelessness and feelings that things will never get better. Depression is more likely when you have had great losses, such as a family member (Common Reactions After Trauma). Another effect is changes in ones’ usual behavior. This could include not doing something that is routine of them or different feelings (Osofsky). These symptoms apply both to Holden, from The Catcher in the Rye, who lost his younger brother, and May, from The Secret Life of Bees, who lost her twin sister. Due to their losses, they both feel great despair and act out. Holden often describes himself feeling lonely, like nobody understands him. He even goes on dates with girls he has no interest in. Having been kicked out of multiple schools, he loses all interest in his grades or what his teachers think of him. He also does things that are not like him; he goes out to bars and attempts to buy alcohol. Also unlike him, he pays money for a stripper which he doesn't end up having sex with. Holden explains that he is feeling “more depressed than sexy” (Salinger 93-98). May Boatwright also shows signs of depression, and changes in her usual behavior. Since her twin sister died, May was never the same. She became depressed and carried the weight of the burden. He... ... middle of paper ... ...would take her own life eventually. Characters May and Holden experienced the death of a loved one as teenagers. These catastrophes had a negative effect on their lives and caused them to have changes in their usual behavior, episodes of sadness, and suicidal thoughts. Works Cited “Common Reactions After Trauma.” PTSD: National Center for PTSD. 23 Jan 2009. Web. Conner, Michael G. “Coping and Surviving Violent and Traumatic Events.” Crisis Counseling. 24 Aug 2011. Web. Kidd, Sue Monk. The Secret Life of Bees. New York: Penguin Group, 2003. Print. Osofsky, Joy D. “Parenting After Traumatic Events: Ways to Support Children.” Psych Central. 30 Jan 2013. Web. 12 Dec 2013. “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).” Psych Central. 9 Oct 2013. Web.13 Dec 2013. Salinger, J.D. The Catcher in the Rye. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1951. Print.

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