The STAR Team Leadership Style

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Leadership style is important. It indicates a method that is taken by a certain leader. It can be considered as being directive or even being commanding or even having a collaborative or participative elegance. However, we must know that some leaders tend to be motionless and use a style through different situations that can or will occur in the near future. It is important for the leaders to know what their main style and preferences are (Warner, 2012, para.2). It makes evaluation easier due to the effectiveness of the different styles with a great amount of circumstances that can enhance outcome and positivity. There are many qualities that increase leadership. The many qualities that can easily increase leadership are demonstrated…show more content…
The qualities of a good leader are what make them shine during difficult times. There are no perfect leaders as no one on earth is perfect. A great leader not only helps with communities, organizations and even society, but also helps create and encourage other leaders. Great leaders make the hard choice, and self-sacrifice in order to enhance the lives of others around them (Gleeson, 2016, para. 6). The three models that will be discussed in this paper are The STAR Team leadership model, The Style and Focus model, and the 5S uncommon leadership model. These three models deal with the many views of leadership. When leaders are able to use these three models, they come to an understanding with the integrating ideas and insightful views that are…show more content…
The strength of this model is what supports the approach to leadership. It then applies the strength of fast growing fields based on the importance of leadership. Alignment is the main key to completing tasks as a leader. The three elements that push alignment are strength, teamwork and results. With a decent vision that a leader has created in the mind, it can then become effective. Showing results is even better. Teams need to work together and clear with how they think and they serve. It specifically monitors how well the leader is doing and how they are progressing with the results. Leaders need to continue to improve on progress and
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