The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Social Development

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Economic growth and social development are complementary and close relationship constraints. However, with economic growth, it is clear that there are many environmental concerns in today’s society. Air, water, and land pollution have been worsening; the environment of wild animals and plants have been seriously damaged, many species are threatened with extinction, deforestation and over-exploitation of mineral resources give human survival and development a real and more serious potential threat. In the traditional opinion, environmental protection and economic development are mutually contradictory, economic growth must be a high environmental cost, and to protect the environment will limit economic growth. However I propose that economic growth could be in harmony with environmental protection, and the contradiction may derive from the inappropriate understandings among development, economic growth and environmental protection. This paper analyzes the definitions and the complex relations among those three concepts; focus on the importance of sustainable development and give some suggestions to the government. If the existing system of environmental protection be reformed and innovated, and provide adequate economic incentives the win-win situation of environmental and economic growth can be achieved. II. The relationship between development and economic growth There are at least four different research perspectives on the relationship between social development and economic development. First, economic growth is the basis for social development. Second, economic growth and social development are not necessarily linked. Third, economic growth and social development are not othe... ... middle of paper ... ...icipation is an important guarantee for the world environmental protection, so the government should step up environmental education and increase publicity efforts to enhance public environmental awareness and responsibility. (Koontz.2004) Environmental Protection will be the main functions of government in the 21st century. If government want play the good role in the development of environmental protection, they also have to handle the whole short-term benefits and long-term interests of the relationship between the Government Performance and Sustainable Development. V. Conclusion This essay analyzes the relationship between development and economic growth, and compare the positive and negative effects with economic growth to the environment. Government Demonstrated to the reader that achieve a win-win between economy and environment the feasibility of.
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