The Pros and Cons of the Internet

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Argue that, despite the fact that social networks as the name suggests are meant to connect people for varying reasons. In all respects, this is a very noble reason, however basing their arguments on two online environments, Habbo Hotel and Second Life, both of which are based on the socialization concept, they came up with a verdict that they also contribute to antisocial behaviors as well as rationales for the same. These behaviors ranged from scamming, attacks that were racist/homophobic in nature, sim attacks, and avatar attacks. Some failed to conform to the contextual norms, while others indulged in counterfeiting as well as unneighbourly behavior. On the other hand the rationales ranged from gaining profit, having fun, building of individual status, disrupting the network, accidents and prejudice. Sites have been known to have antisocial tendencies. They assert that sites like allow users to tell others to know they are ‘dead to you’ or ‘on notice’. There are also sites like Arsebook that users use to connect with people they dislike. They have further promulgated what has come to be referred to as ‘electronic brothel’. To this end they deem the internet as a cause and source of social vices.

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On the same topic they have also attributed internet to social disorder. In their article social aspects of social networking, they have attributed the same to dangers being attributed to those who are supposedly connected digitally despite its wide usage. In their article, they have given Facebook as a poi...

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...the internet is more of a blessing with it a whole lot of advantages. However, more than once it has proven to have with itself its own package of evils. Writer after writer, they have given scathing reports as to the way it has affected the society’s behavior in more than one negative way. It is thus safe that the society as we know it today could easily have had its attributes to internet be they positive or negative aspects. What thus is reality is that the internet can only be deemed as a necessary evil and as such, despite its wide usage, man and the society at large should be vigilant not to let off their guard on the negative usage of the internet.

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