Examples Of Structural Functionalism In Social Media

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Social Media Raising an Anti-Social Generation Social media is the current fad and has been increasing over the past three decades. Today’s generation is all about who is on Facebook, Twitter, or Intagram, but what they are forgetting is who is actually sitting right beside them. At any given location, one can find several people sitting together at a table in a restaurant. What they see is different from decades before. People are not talking to each other instead they are on social media sites “talking” to someone else, maybe even in another country. That is the problem. People have lost the ability to be social among people in face to face interactions. There are two theories, Structural Functionalism and Symbolic Interaction, that can help…show more content…
People need people they need ways to connect with other communities and to be able to express themselves. Structural functionalism theory is based as how society is a complex system who’s parts work together to promote solidarity and stability (wikipedia.org). Since, people have the need to connect with others social media provides the means to do so. Extroverted people will have a greater geographic expansion of their social circle. Introverts are more willing to meet people online because of the sense of security it provides. Social media is growing at such a fast rate and the availability of high speed internet, everything is instantaneous. This can cause a problem with learning characteristics such as patience, narcissism, self-esteem issues or personal filters. The more time people are spending on social media sites, the more they are forgetting how to behave in real life. Social media allows for everything unfiltered. In real life there are rules to society to make sure people can peacefully live amongst each other. In order for society to cohabitate peacefully there must be a willingness to compromise among people. With the evolution of social media’s virtual communities where everything is a free forum, people are now choosing to not follow the basic rules of society, hence, the increase in crime and lack of

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