The Pros And Cons Of Teenage Cell Phones

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“Cell Phones have obviously come a long way since the two-pound, $3,995 Motorola Dynatac 8000x was first introduced in 1984. Subsequent generations of mobile phones continue to evolve and become more affordable and portable, and now offer so much more value beyond a means to call others, (Source D). At first phones were just used to call people from long distance. Now phones are used daily by all type of people. However, teenagers usage of their phone is beyond just calling. In their social world it is about how many likes or followers they have, which leads to lacking social skills generations had before. The cons of teenage Smartphone usage outweighs the pros because of how it affects their academics, social world, and emotional health.…show more content…
For instance, Source A states, “ And 62 percent of parents said they believe mobile devices can be a distraction”. This quote shows that a teenager at school with a phone are likely to find it as a distraction. But at school those teenagers are their to learn and not be distracted. As Source B says “... that young people are not learning when they’re using these devices”. Which shows a con with teenagers using phones for ‘academic purposes’. No matter how hard a school might try to stop this, students can’t help the feeling of going on their phones. Phones have become entertainment for these students, which doesn’t mix well with school. Teenagers at school should be focused at school and only school. Therefore, academically if a teenager wants to be successful in school they must put the phones away. Due to the distraction phones bring to students. Teenage students instantly lose focus in school when an alert pops up on their phone. An addiction occur where they think they have to check it right then. To summarize, a con for teenagers using phones is it can be a distraction on their…show more content…
With the world that cellphones and social media have created it can put teenagers emotional health in jeopardy. As Source C states “... smartphone ownership crossed the 50 percent threshold in late 2012-- right when teen depression and suicide began to increase.” Smartphones can lead to depression and possibly suicide-- with cyberbullying, feeling unliked, and useless. Furthermore, these phones can lead to much more than just calling someone. They are used for social media and a new form of conversation. With these being created from just a phone it can lead to impacting teenagers emotional health. If a teenager feels unliked or uncool, these are effects from a phone (social media). Phones have an impact on teens emotional health because it can have the teenagers feel bad about themselves. Putting them in a place where they wouldn't have to be if they didn't have a phone. Additionally, “ We found that teens who spent five or more hours a day online were 71 percent more likely than those who spent only one hour a day to have at least one suicide risk factor,¨ (Source C). This quote showing that the more you are on your phone, then the more likely it is to affect your emotional health. It's pay for teenagers to be on their phone for an hour, but when addiction starts to come in that's when you put your emotional health in risk. To sum up, a con that can appear with

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