The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Introduce: I think we all can agree that the police agencies ', image has been destroyed in every way you could possibly think of. I truly believe that no one abide by the police agencies anymore. As technology has enhanced over the years, far as cell phone, people are able to see what police officers are really doing while on the force. There have been many video release when police brutality was revealed, as well as how the police agencies respond to an incident. Over the years, community policing has diminution. People just don’t trust the police anymore. The media has ruined it! The police is here to protect. Police agencies, faces a number of issues today, I found that preventing racial profiling, recruiting and retaining a skilled…show more content…
This is probably the most tackling challenges of all time right now. Good vs. the bad, the experience vs. the not- inexperienced police officers. As of right now racial profiling and police brutally is very serious in the media. It’s mainly toward the Latino and African American race. There are so many underlying issues with this matter, it overwhelming. Racial profiling, as well as profiling based on religion, ethnicity and national origin Washington The NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program shows similar evidence of racial profiling, with the police targeting blacks and Latinos about 85 percent of the time Washington post. This shows that it does exist, however, how one can determine if the people on your police force is racial profiling. This is very hard to determine while recruiting police officers and managing your force. However, excessive force by the police is the issue, it prohibited with the unreasonable search and seizures. The police officers are just taking their jobs too far. As I mention earlier, there will also be good vs. bad. However, there must be a solution for this issue. This goes hand and hand with my first point, the issues police agencies are faced with today. Profiling puts a major strain on the police community trust. According to the Washington post, only twenty states have no laws prohibiting racial profiling by law enforcement, among states that do, the polices varies widely…show more content…
I would have to say that reducing community violence would be a major issue, because the lack of community policing. Community policing, from the beginning of time has always been the tradition. However, it’s declined. According to Alfred, community policing without a clear focus on crime risk factors generally shows no effect on crime. As, I stated previously, there is a shortage with police officers, this effect, the police agencies ability to hire more police officers to reduce crime in the community. Although there is no reliable evidence to support the link between recent increases in the number of police officers and the drop in violent crime, there is a large body of existing research on the relationship between police strength and crime rates. Is there such a way to strength the police force? Yes, it would take a lot efforts, however it can be done. The problem that occurs, is to determine if it would take more police to reduce crime or if more crime increases police hiring. Honestly, how are they able to actually, prevent something, when there is not enough money to go around. It all balls down to money. If money was provided more for the police agencies, a lot training 's, as well programs can be created within the community, to help build a foundation. I honesty, feel as if the foundation is

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