The Pros And Cons Of Prescription Drugs

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Drugs are poison though the amount of drugs we consume determines the result in our body. The more we consume the more likely we poisons our body. That’s why there is dosage when taking drugs to estimate how much we are consuming enough to cure our illness. This drug is called Prescription drugs that are authorized by the doctors. Other drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin are the highly known dangerous drugs that are addictive and illegal. These drugs can destroy a person being and take away lives. Medicine is drugs that are acceptable in a society to aid ourselves.
Have you ever been sick and have to take a medicine that is prescribed by the doctor? These medicines are still drugs. These types of drugs are prescribing drugs that a person can buy and use but they cannot take this whenever they want. When taking a prescribe drugs it is to cure sickness stop diseases. However when prescribe drugs are taken too much; it is dangerous because it affects and changes the chemical of the person normal function. When medicine is not use as they were supposed to be use they can become as dangerous as illegal drugs. That is why there are certain hours of time to take another pill for the other drugs that someone consume to wear off. Cocaine one of the known drugs that are highly use by rich people.
Cocaine is high price type of drugs, it comes from the leaves Erythoroxylum that grown in Andes region in Africa and purified. There are two types of cocaine, Powder cocaine and Crack cocaine. Powder cocaine is a white powder known as Coke. It can dissolve in water and injected in our body or when it’s still powder it can be snort. Crack cocaine is commonly known as Crack or Rock. This type of cocaine can be smoke. Either of this drugs ...

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...ioral therapy that help them to have reason for them to remain sober, change their attitudes and behavior related to drugs abuse. Pharmacological treatment is to provide them medication. Detoxification is another way of treatment. Heroin abuser will have to go to Detoxification program before they get treated to long term treated program which is a long process of helping them recover.
Overall, drugs are highly dangerous, when its use just for our own pleasure of getting high to feel good it is not definitely worth it. Too much of this can lead to death, addiction, or permanent damage into our system that affects our everyday living. Drugs can turn a person life from great to miserable because of addiction and eventually when not treated can cause harm to other and eventually death to it users. Drugs are poisons too much will kill and destroy your body.
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