Cocaine Use In Society: The Use Of Drugs In Our Society

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One of the ever growing issues in our society is the use of drugs. Drugs come in many different shapes and sizes and can be consumed in a variety of ways. The drug epidemic is taking over our society and resulting in several drug addictions. There are a multitude of drugs that are used throughout the world and there is also a multitude of these drugs that are being abused. Drugs are used by many for several reasons whether it is to relax their body, to temporarily remove the stresses out of their lives, or for social acceptance drugs are being used. There are many reasons why drugs are an ever growing issue in our society. Although there are many types of drugs that exist, one of the most widely known and commonly abused drugs is cocaine. Cocaine…show more content…
The exposure has made it enticing, but it has also introduced many drug users to the feeling that is brought when using this drug. Cocaine brings euphoric feelings to drug users when exposing their bodies to this drug. When a person is exposed to euphoric feelings, their life stresses are put on hold and the euphoric feelings bring about a state of happiness and excitement. This is one of the many reasons why cocaine usage is common in our society. Although these feelings may seem worth the thrill the negative impacts it has on the human body overshadow the euphoric feeling cocaine users experience. Cocaine exists in two different forms: powder form and crystal form. The two different forms of this drug allow users to put this drug in their body systems through several entry points. Cocaine can enter the human body by being snorted, smoked, or injected. The entry points of this drug results in several negative impacts on the human body. According to Hales (2013) some of the effects that cocaine has on the human body include: impacting the central nervous system, nose, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and the reproductive system. (p. 411). With the many effects to the human body cocaine users are exposing themselves to a multitude of health risks. Not only is this drug affecting the human body, but it can result in a stroke, cause seizures, and ultimately lead to…show more content…
Even though there are several risks to the use of cocaine, cocaine users continue to exist. The existence of cocaine users results in the existence of a growing fatality rate due to cocaine overdoses. Based on research by the National Center for Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they estimated that in 2011 there were approximately 4,681 deaths caused by cocaine. (Knopf, 2014, p. 3). When comparing the deaths from 2010 to 2011, there was an increase of 498 deaths within that year. Deaths caused by cocaine increased in 2011, although it was not an astronomical growth in deaths caused by cocaine it is still significant growth. Based on the research that was conducted it is evident that cocaine usage is increasing in our society. If nothing is done about the usage of cocaine, it will only continue to increase throughout the years. The growing number of deaths caused by the use of cocaine is reflective of how enticing this drug has become to drug users and how it has been promoted in our society. Regardless of the significant damage this drug can have on the human body, cocaine users continue to increase and these users are exposing their bodies to an extremely lethal drug and putting themselves at risk for overdoses and ultimately to
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