The Pros And Cons Of In-House Advertising Agency

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On behalf of my research team, it is my pleasure to present to you a detailed report on whether In-house advertising department or advertising agencies is best to take over the advertising side in a fast paced growing company.
The report has been prepared based on your request to figure which route should our company pursuit. Specially knowing that In-house advertising versus using an advertising agency has long been a subject for debate. After discussing statistics, demographics, consequences and benefits, the report shows that hiring an outside professional and experienced advertising agency is the best choice for a company like ours.
In presenting this report, I thank my colleagues in the department and my team for their professionalism
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It is achieved by examining the cost, availability, expertise, resources as well as outlining the benefits of each factor of hiring a company or working alone.
The purpose of this proposal is to weigh the options that are being considered, hiring an agency or staying in-house when it comes to advertising. Ultimately, the goal is to interest you in hiring an agency rather than staying in-house for several different reasons.
Clarification of Definitions
An advertising agency or ad agency is a business that is dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising for its clients. The agency will create promotional ideas and design different advertisements such as print ads, radio, television and internet advertisements (Pullen, 2013). In house advertising is self-promotional ads that a company runs through media outlets. In other words, an in house advertising agency is owned and operated within its own company and client.
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It says that 42% of advertisers have in-house agencies. Per the survey, in-house agencies handled many functions but looking deeper into the numbers, none of these functions were handled 100%. For example, online banners and other “static” online creatives were only 62% of what they did. Site creation and maintenance and direct mail were at a shocking 65% and developing the identity brand was 66% (ANA, 2014). These numbers matter because unlike working with an agency, the actual work was not fully finished. When hiring an agency, the agency itself will take the time to put forth 100% effort in order to please their clientele. Working within the company these numbers might seem high but the competitor who has hired an agency has already reached their market and penetrated to full
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