The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Is it any coincidence that the states with the loosest gun laws in America tend to contribute to the highest amount of national gun deaths and injuries? This is one of the main questions we should be asking when deciding what is best for our country and its citizens. Although gun control has been an ongoing issue, certain events like the Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and the Aurora, Colorado mass shootings have increased our attention to this topic. Although I believe that Americans possess the right to own a firearm, I believe there should be detailed screening and control systems to keep guns out of the wrong hands, to prevent more gun violence from happening in the future.
I don’t necessarily think that gun ownership should be completed prohibited. In order to make the United States safer, stricter gun laws should be placed. With more gun laws comes less gun tragedies such as mass shootings and accidental shootings. Although many people believe that placing gun laws on American’s is an act against our own personal freedom and “right to bear arms” in the long run we should be thinking more about how to reduce the amount of tragedies that happen every year in the United States. Surely, if your own family member or friend was involved in such violent acts as these, you would feel much safer if gun laws were in place.
After watching the video, Innocents Betrayed, I still stand strong with my advocacy for stricter gun control laws. This video brought an interesting side to gun control by showing the negative affect that these laws could play on our country that I had never really thought about before. I don’t believe that these specific instances in history relate in any way to our present day problems with gun control. Within each of...

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...ter. Hunters and people who use guns for sport should have no trouble possessing guns if they are emotionally sound so it isn’t exactly a problem for anyone.
In conclusion, enabling stricter gun control laws will help to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, criminals, and children and teens. With these laws put into place there will be more assurance of the safety of American citizens. It is not necessary to strip citizens of their right to own a gun, but we should be able to make it harder to get guns. If you are someone with a clear record and using a gun for recreation use, you will have no trouble obtaining a gun. In the long run increase the laws on gun control hurts nobody. Despite historic events where governments seized firearms and killed millions of citizens, today we have a different problem, which is making sure guns are in the right hands.
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