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Guns have been around for many centuries. Why should gun control advocates make stricter laws for people to own a gun now? Quote by Luke Scott reads: “Crime is actually less in places where people own guns. Washington, D.C., is a case in point. It has the strictest gun laws, but who has the highest crime rate in the country? Washington, D.C.”. Many people say that creating stricter gun laws would help in reducing crime and robberies. But people use guns for self-defense against those types of crimes. If gun control laws were enforced, the Second Amendment would be violated. In addition, guns will be less accessible for law-abiding citizens to purchase. Crime rate will not diminish if stricter gun laws are enacted.
Because guns have the ability to cause crime and violence, few people like them. People see firearms as weapons of criminal activity. They say that if people purchase more firearms, there is a higher probability for people to commit crimes such as theft, homicide, and improper use. It is confirmed by many that handguns have been the killing tools of most crimes in our country and around the world. Guns are involved in most criminally active situations. This is why people say guns should be enforced heavily and avoided especially, if possible. Some also say that guns are used mostly for harming or hurting other people, but most Americans look at their guns as safety tools for their families. Stripping that away would leave a family susceptible to a burglary. Some say that if expensive guns are made, the violence will stop and crime rate will drop. However, expensive guns will do little to aid in the safety of Americans. Rather, criminals will be able to easily obtain weapons illegally, and the innocent civilians will be...

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... businesses as well. If guns were enforced or banned it would be the same thing, and profits would go through the roof for gangs and other criminals. Instead of trying to enforce gun control laws, the government should team with police and educate people on how to use gun properly and always call police for help. Never try to handle a situation yourself if you know someone will get hurt.
In conclusion, enforcing gun laws would not be the best solution in reducing violence in the United States. Educating people and telling them to always contact police if they cannot handle a situation is always the best option. Guns provide protection and can save a family from a home break in or protect a store owner late at night from robbers who may threaten him or her for money. Not only are guns protected in the constitution, but they are also a part of the American tradition.
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