Should the Government Implement Gun Control?

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With all the shootings and random acts of violence, such as the shooting at the movie theatre in Colorado, or the Sandy Hook shootings, stricter gun control laws have been a hot topic in politics and the national mainstream media. The government thinks that gun control being stricter would help to make less of these tragic incidences occur. I am against this thought because I believe that the law-abiding citizens will be the only ones to give up their guns and criminals will then have an upper hand on the innocent. Even though banning guns is supposed to save lives, cities such as Chicago have already shown that stricter gun laws should not be passed because violent murders are still prevalent in these types of cities and strict gun laws have not worked like they were supposed to. Stricter gun laws simply will not work because the law-abiding citizens will be the only ones to follow the rules. When it comes to violence, the stricter gun laws will only help the criminals hurt more innocent people. The reason that I believe this is because during the Prohibition years in the United States people were still able to find alcohol and the government could not do anything about it. Then drugs became a huge problem and the government still has yet to find a way to stop all drugs from reaching consumers. This same exact thing will happen with guns. There is no stopping supply and demand and if a criminal wants a gun they are going to find it. In an article by Richard Carrington, an elder in the community that helps with troubled youths stated, “Last night I was talking to a young man who had just bought a gun off the street. He was dealing some drugs and needed a gun,” Carrington said. “I asked him where he got it. His response was ‘I’m a ... ... middle of paper ... ...gave up their guns a major spike in homicides per million occurred, this is shown by the pink dotted line (Agresti and Smith, Gun Control Facts). It is astonishing how the number of homicides, right after the 1997 gun control law took place, jumped drastically. This is just further evidence that strict gun laws will not protect people from violence. So even with all the shootings and random acts of violence, gun control laws should not happen because people will be safer with guns around. It seems as though the government has not looked at the ways that guns can provide safety. Also how gun control laws are not working in those areas that have them. Even though guns get a bad reputation by the government and gun control supporters as being dangerous, I think that they are necessary for obvious reasons, and that gun control will not help stop those violent crimes.
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