The Pros And Cons Of Dieting

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In America today, there are serious cases of diabetes and obesity people have thought of two life changes to help them. The first is dieting in order to combat these while also making healthier choices. People have also fallen into fad diets for their speed and "effectiveness". There are some diets that will help people short term but when they quit they will gain all the weight back and in some cases they will have more serious health problems. Another problem with diets is that there are too many. So many diets to choose from and because of this people will fall for fad diets and they will have people hoping that this is the one to take away the weight. Then after months of not shedding a pound, they will lose hope and some give up on trying…show more content…
No dieting will lead to those who do it to a longer lifespan not filled with diseases. This is a better way to help people for it is their choices and their decisions that go into what they eat. The hardest part about not dieting is the change of the fatty foods to healthier alternatives. If people are willing to put their time and effort into making healthier choices than it should be into eating healthy for their whole life 's not a couple of months. Dieting has been for many years the go-to way of losing weight. It has almost everything people want to hear. You don’t have to make a confusing list, you can still eat your favorite foods, and for some, all you have to do is pour some powder on your food or drink a smoothie. Diets also have evidence to prove they work as well. In an article by Ginny Graves she writes what scientist Varady discovers about his new fasting diet "Equally promising, Varady discovered that measures of…show more content…
Well when you hear the term no dieting you may think of just eating whatever you want and that doesn’t sound healthy at all, but what it actually means in this scenario is just eating healthier. No fads, pills, shakes, or powders. Eating healthy foods can be hard, especially for those with little time, but there is always a way to find time for yourself to eat some greens or beans. An author of several books, Geneen Roth, writes " The basic message of most diets is that you must repress and deprive yourself, because if you let yourself go, you will devour the universe. You begin to believe that you are hopeless, a bottomless pit. This isn 't a kind thing to say to yourself. It 's also not true. No one 's hunger is bottomless. ( Roth, 2005 )" This is a major point for most anti-dieters out there. With no diets, there is no blame just choosing the right things to eat and when. The hardest part about not dieting is figuring out what you should eat. What is good for you, how much is too much, and what should you be targeting for your health? Although there are these many questions they bring a good point against dieting and that is diets don’t know you like you know you. Not dieting gives you the ability to learn about healthy choices and how healthy you really are. If you decided to stop all the fads and make your own list with your own healthy choices you will have foods that are good and you actually want to eat them. Not
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