The Problem With Childhood Obesity

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One the biggest problems we deal with today, especially in America is obesity. More specifically our younger generation. The number of obese children has risen dramatically in the last couple decades and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. With fast food restaurants popping up around every corner it’s hard not to see why we are a fat country and why our children will grow up to be obese. But who is to blame for this rise in obesity with in our young children, the parent? The fast food chains? Society in general? In the past years we seen a shift in how younger people interact with one another, from spending the day outside and playing to staying at home starring at a television all day. The impact of childhood obesity doesn’t just impact the lives of them but of everyone as it is responsible for around 14.1 billion dollars in direct medical costs ("McDonald’s Shareholder Proposal No. 7." xx-xx). The way we treat our children has also taken a dramatic change as well in the way we discipline them and allow them to engage one another in social situation. All these impact the problems that we are dealing with today when it comes to obesity in young children. But together we can help change how children grew up and keep them healthy and living longer lives.

Obesity is the biggest threat to modern health. It is linked to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention states that 35.9% of Americans over the age of 20 are classed as obese. Thou the percent adults age 20 years and above who are overweight, including obesity is 69.2% ("FASTSTATS - Overweight Prevalence." xx-xx). The fact that is more disturbing is that from a survey from the Nation Health and Nutrition ...

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