The Impact of Child Obesity on a Child's Life

Our future begins with the children of today growing up to be the adults of tomorrow. “Childhood obesity is the condition of being overweight or severely overweight which causes risks to health between the age of 2 and 19” (“Childhood Obesity”). Childhood obesity is taking a huge toll on not only the physical standpoint of the child, but also their mental stability. Childhood obesity is no longer a concern with Americans; it’s now a problem that has spiraled out of control in the world. Obesity will never be resolved one hundred percent, but it’s the little impacts that concerned citizens bring to people’s attention that make the difference. One step in the right directions is better than not taking a step at all. Along with the many health issues associated with childhood obesity, there are three major effects that seem to stand out more around the world; the food we subject our bodies to, setting a pattern for the next generation(s), and it contributes to a child not reaching his or her full potential in life.
Some people fail to see the true impact childhood obesity can have on a child's life. Children tending to overeat; they don’t understand that something that tastes so yummy could actually be bad for them. And with the cheaper pre-processed food usually being unhealthier calorie choices, people are unwilling to buy the more expensive fruits or vegetables that are required to build a good nutritional foundation. Plus, every generation has something that rubs off on the next generation; obesity is something that repeats through multiple generations, making the problems worse. “Parental attitudes to food, along with the kind of eating and leisure activities engaged in as a family and the level of support, are prim...

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...That’s eight pounds of sugar just in milk, what about all the other sources of sugary food kids are putting into their bodies. People are finally realizing that childhood obesity is amplifying every year. We don’t have the choice anymore to sit on the sidelines and watch children struggle with everyday life. Thinking of one day when you won’t see kids that look like a mini Michelin Man brings goose bumps to your arms. When children will be able to live longer lives than their parent(s) did we will have accomplished something! Instead of today’s world where it is said that children won’t live as long as his or her parent(s) do. Start a food revolution in your community; see what you can do to help the obese children around your town. Donate health food, or see what you can teach children about making healthier choices to better his or her life.

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