The Preservation of a Culture: The Gaelic League

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The Preservation of a Culture: The Gaelic League

Imagine what if much of today’s freedoms that we take for granted were never even there to begin with? In Ireland this is what most of the people were realizing when the Government was starting to take control. The Government was getting irritated and wanted to get rid of all Ireland’s language and culture. During the 1800’s Ireland was a thriving culture with much going on. Ireland had many things coming to an end and also starting a new beginning. One new beginning was the organization of the Gaelic League that people looked to for support of their Irish culture and heritage (Bottigheimer 213). The Gaelic League was an invention by two men who had an idea and wanted to preserve the Irish language and culture was dwindling away.

Who was to blame for the damage of a large amount of the Gaelic traditions and culture? The Government, they were looking for a way to completely wipe out the Irish language of Gaelic (172-173). The Government wanted to convert all of Ireland so that no one was speaking Gaelic, and English would be the only official language of Ireland (Hughes 48). Communication is a very important skill that is necessary in everyday life. The people didn’t like this idea of changing who they are as a culture of Irish people. Soon government officials got their wish to stop the use of the Irish language, but not as they would had ever imagined.

One impact that caused the establishment of the Gaelic League was the famine that brought so many people to such meager levels of poverty. In the autumn of 1845 a serious academic changed the world for the Irish. The Famine had begun when a big part of the potato crop had been d...

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...reland’s history (Hughes 5). If there hadn’t had been so many breakthroughs for the Irish people, much of their culture would be lost today.

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