Swot Analysis Of General Electric

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General Electrics Introduction: Electrics or simply known as GE is an American multinational company. The company operates through the following segments like technology infrastructure, energy and capital finance. In 2011 company ranked as the 26th largest firm in the U.S. by its revenue. Simply General Electric (GE) is a global diversified company that is established the important essential needs of the world society. The company is worlds one of the biggest energy transportation water and healthcare technology supplies Environmental policy and misson of the company. G.E. officially has no mission statement but presents it through GE Works equation. And they explain it as : “We have a relentless drive to invent things that matter: innovations that build, power, move and help cure the world. We make things that very few in the world can, but that everyone needs. This is a source of pride. To our employees and customers, it defines GE.” GE considers a huge emphasis on the development of innovative solutions for today’s global problems. It has long been focused on innovative solutions to environmental challenges and producing valuable products and services to customers while generating profitable growth for the General Electric. Wind It is well known that nowadays wind power is one of the fast developing energy sources of the world. Thats why one of the GE’s Energy business maintain a strong focus on building the wind power facility and delivering the technology in its fields and benefiting the advantages of wind power. GE has over 12,000 wind turbine operating in all around world with the countries like USA, Canada, China and Spain. From lighter material alternatives to more sophisticated designs, GE is helping lead the... ... middle of paper ... ...g facility was predicted to employ 12 million gallons – a threefold increase. As the aviation field turns attention to greater planes,with bigger larger engines, Peebles will be testing larger engines in the hereafter, which will waste more fuel and emit more GHGs. As such, Peebles faces a challenge in trying to grow their commercial enterprise, but maintain sight of GE’s corporate-wide emissions goal.In order to monitor and control this balancing plan, General Electrics plans to implement GHG reducing projects elsewhere in the society, such as Treasure Hunts, which is an internal energy auditing process leveraged from Toyota that identifies energy reduction opportunities within a facility, to offset Peebles’ growth in emissions and the facility itself plans to proceed to explore ways to implement Lean manufacturing techniques in its jet engine testing cycle.

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