The Power Of Integrity And Vulnerability In Leadership Essay

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“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot have both” brene brown
Last week, I had an opportunity to be part of ISA Leadership Retreat 2015 hosted by the International Student Association. It was an amazing experience to be involved in-group of people from many countries. We had a lot of fun together. One of the sections that inspired me the most is “ The power of integrity and Vulnerability in leadership –Amber Cordell”. In this section, each of us will choose a favorite quote from quotes they provide. We also have a chance to be on stage to tell what quote we chose and why we chose this quote. The quote that I choose is the one I mention in the beginning. “ It happens many times that I want' class='brand-secondary'>want to share something with others but I don’t have the courage to be on stage. So this time I decided to come out from my comfort zone to be on stage, and share my thought with you guys.” This is some part of what I said in that day. Indeed, in my entire life I had come across this situation several times whether to choose courage or comfort.
I still remember the first time that I have
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In addition, I would like to share some quote from one of MSU faculty that I heard on my orientation 3 years ago. “ Do you think how many time you will have an opportunity to be in a society that you can meet a person from around the world”. Indeed, what he said is true. My friends are Chinese, Japanese, American, African American, Taiwanese, and even African. It was an amazing right; I can make my friend around the world in one place. I don’t think many people have a chance like me to interact with people from around the world by not visiting their countries. In addition, interact with people that have a different background than you can lead you to a new perspective, these people make you look the world from a different

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