The Performance I Attended For The Concert Critique

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The performance I attended for the concert critique was a senior recital for Teresa Norton and Tracey Barnes. They played violin and piano respectively. The concert was at Goranson Hall and I immediately felt a sense of closeness and intimacy due to the smaller size of the concert hall, which added to the sentimental value of such a special performance. They played a total of three pieces, which included Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler, Terzetto in C Major, Op. 74 for Two Violins and Viola by Antonín Dvorák, and Sonata for Violin and Piano, No. 17 in C Major, K. 296 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Overall, I really enjoyed going to the concert and experiencing Idaho State’s music department.
The opening piece was called “Liebesleid” by Fritz Kreisler and it was a rather short composition, which made a great introductory piece. The piece followed the musical styles of the late romantic and early modern periods, and was a duet with the piano and violin. It felt very light and had a very easy melody to follow and remember. The violinist displayed multiple techniques such as vibrato, and double stop. The piece is in ternary form and follows the ABA pattern. I believe it was a homophonic texture with the piano as the accompaniment. The work began with a temp o around moderato, but once the ‘B’ section started it slowed to an andante. The ‘A’ section of the piece evokes a very light-hearted and youthful emotion, while the contrasting ‘B’ section portrays much more sorrowful feelings. The dynamics didn’t vary too much, but during the ‘B’ section the dynamics decrescendo to a piano. The composition demonstrated a similar theme with each section, and I immediately noticed the reappearance of a theme. I truly appreciated the simplicity of the Li...

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...h faster and had a tempo of allegro. The very short notes in the violin part made it feel light feeling, and more dance-like than the three. The violin and piano played in unison together several times. I found this movement to be the hardest to follow of the three because I didn’t hear a recurring theme a lot. The dynamics remained fairly constant at about a mezzo piano to a mezzo forte. Overall, I believe this composition did a fantastic job at displaying both musician’s talents and abilities without overshadowing one another.
The senior recital I had a chance to attend was absolutely wonderful, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to experience it. I would definitely recommend attending to anyone, and supporting the other students at ISU. The musicians did an excellent job, and it made me realize how much devotion and hard work it takes to be a great musician.
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