The People's Republic of Bangladesh

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The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, commonly known as Bangladesh, is a Southern Asian country located in between India and Myanmar. A parliamentary republic that elects its parliament, known as the Jatiyo Sangshad, Bangladesh has a population of over 160 million, enough to make it the eighth most populated nation in the world. Due to the fact it is relatively small, at just under 57,000 square miles, the country is also effectively one of the most densely populated nations, which has played a central role in the modern economic and industrial development of the country.

Bangladesh is located in what is known as the Ganges Delta, one of the most fertile regions in the entire world, which is evident through the numerous early civilizations existing within the area. The three major rivers located within the nation are the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, and the Mengha, and heavily contribute to the fertility of the region, but also leaves it heavily prone to flooding during heavy rain seasons, and severe drought during dry spells. It’s location, both near the equator and the sea, makes it vulnerable to the effects of a tropical climate, including monsoons and typhoons. Being a low-lying country, Bangladesh has only a few peaks and highlands spread throughout various reaches of the landscape. Overall, the country is known for being highly vulnerable to various weather-related calamities, stemming from the tropical monsoon climate and being such a low location related to sea level.

Being a unitary state, Bangladesh thus consolidates all of its government power within the central government. The parliament is elected every five years, which sits in a single, unicameral chamber. The President, technically the head...

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