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Fairview is the neighbourhood that surrounds False Creek and Granville Island. It is between Burrard Street and Cambie Street from the West and East, and between 16th Avenue and False Creek from the South and North. Once a busy industrial area, Fairview has now transformed into a premier neighbourhood that includes schools, shops, parks, and houses. Each year, over 10 million tourists visit Granville Island and its Granville Island Public Market as well as the Arts Clubs Granville Island Stage which is located there (Lynch). The famous shopping district, South Granville, which is where the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage is located, is also in Fairview. The Fairview area has a beautiful view from the Seawall. Many parks are found throughout Fairview, and the popular Charleson Park has a view of downtown. It contains the Burrard Bridge, the Cambie Bridge, and the Granville Bridge; which is why many of the major roads pass through it. The neighbourhood contains two Canada Line stations, Broadway - City Hall and Olympic Village.
Fairview has diverse housing options, but the most common options are condominiums and apartments. Most of these buildings only go up to three-stories high because of the pre-1970s zoning (Lynch). The average household income is $52,458 (Lynch). The prices of these housing options have been rising steadily. To rent a suite with one bedroom, it costs around $900 - $2,000, with two bedrooms, it costs around $1,800 - $2,500, and any suite with more than two bedrooms will cost anywhere from $2,500 - $3,000 (Lynch). To buy a suite with more than two bedrooms, on the other hand, will cost around $529,000 - $1.7 million (Lynch). 31.5% of the residents in Fairview own their homes and another 68.5% rent t...

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