The On Swimming Team At Belen Jesuit High School

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It was a big deal for our swimming team. The other boys on the swim team were concerned about him looking at the other male swimmers as they showered or changed in the locker-rooms. A handful of the guys refused to room with him when we went on traveling trips with the team. He was always excluded from the boys group so most of the time I took him in with the girls on the team. I remember once, a teen in his grade wanted to pick a physical fight with him. I ran to the nearest adult to break up the fight. I left the scene for no more than 30 seconds and when I came back three kids had pulled out their phones to capture a video this repulsive situation. That’s how sick our generation is that we’d rather capture on video the humiliation of someone else than actually assist the victim. The most surprising factor is that this took place at Belen Jesuit High School. A private school known for its prestigious and respectable program. I witnessed these situations because my swimming practice was held at the pool in that school from 3:15pm to 5:30pm every day. This proves that bullying can happen at any school at any time. Nobody is safe from this epidemic of harassment. It’s up to us to stand up to the intimidators and end this mistreatment. Due to my experience with this boy I know that I will do the right thing, but it’s critical to encourage others to do the same. Ever since this incident administrators have taken serious actions and the bullying has dramatically decreased. Students ceased to create rumors about him. They don’t physically abuse him or call him names in front of his peers anymore. However, he still gets talked about behind his back but of course it’s not as ghastly as before. He visits his counselor on a weekly b... ... middle of paper ... If I believe anyone needs my comfort or just a friend to talk to I will be there for that person. Friendship is a wonderful thing everyone should have in their lives. When you are being bullied it’s so much easier to get past this down side in your life if you have a friend to walk you through it and be there by your side. The word friend evokes the coming together of several people to form a bond at which they become confidant and contented with each other. A friend gives you love and comfort when you need it the most. That boy in the photograph taught me that it’s vital to stand up for the victims of bullying. He taught me that it’s paramount to accept and love yourself. I learned the importance of voicing out the malicious judgments of others. I learned the importance of being a friend to others. He taught me to speak up and fight for what I believe in.

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